Wednesday, July 19, 2017

SSD means better performance

When you are thinking of building a CCBoot server, you will wonder how many disk should i use?
And even wonder should i even use SSD ?
YES ! would be the answer to that and here is why.
1. SSD have much better read and write speed compared to traditional HDD (Figure 1). 
Figure 1
2. SSD have higher IOps compared to HDD (Figure 2)
Figure 2

Show CPU/GPU temperature for clients

Before you continue, this feature is only available on CCBoot 2016 Build 1221 and above.
Make sure, both client and server are using this version  or higher.
Important: You need to have installed dot net 3.5 and above on your image for this to work.
1. Open CCBoot UI and open "Options" windows.
2. In the options windows, check the "Enable CPU/GPU stats" and click "OK" (Figure 1).
CCBoot Option
Figure 3
3. Now, boot your client and you will see its temperature under CPU Temperature and GPU Temperature column (Figure 2).
Note: To show, CPU GPU temperature properly, make sure CCBoot Client application is in startup. Some user remove CCBoot from startup for optimization, will make temperature not show in CCBoot Server.
Figure 2
4. We have also added CPU usage and Memory usage of server in the CCBoot UI as well. (Figure 3)
Figure 4
CPU show the average CPU usage of your server.
RAM show the current RAM usage of your server.
CCBoot optimized the function to fix an issue on the new Windows 10 Build 1703. It will work without any issue since CCBoot version 20170420